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Massachusetts CDL holders lose licenses in state police bribery case

In a bribery scandal upending the Massachusetts commercial driving sector, over two dozen CDL holders have had their licenses revoked, authorities disclosed on February 1, 2024.

Driving the news: The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) identified 26 individuals who were granted CDLs without proper testing as part of a bribery scheme involving multiple Massachusetts State Police troopers.

The CDLs were exchanged for personal benefits and gifts, leading to charges including conspiracy, extortion, and fraud against six individuals, including active and retired state troopers.

  • Arrests made on January 30 include active MSP Sgt. Gary Cederquist and Trooper Joel Rogers, both suspended, with Cederquist later dishonorably discharged.
  • Acting U.S. Attorney Joshua Levy highlighted the gravity of the fraud, with the defendants using "golden" as a code word to signal an applicant should pass the test.
  • Those affected cannot operate a commercial vehicle and must reestablish eligibility and pass all required tests before obtaining a new CDL.

The implicated individuals had received undue favors, such as driveway makeovers, snowblowers, and luxury beverages, in return for passing unqualified CDL applicants.

Law enforcement action: In the wake of the investigation, the RMV, in collaboration with the attorney's office, continues to scrutinize CDL records for any further fraudulent certifications.

State police reforms have been promptly implemented, including the deployment of body-worn cameras during all CDL exams to heighten transparency and accountability.

Final decisions concerning the implicated troopers' pensions will rest with the state retirement board rather than the state police.

Consequently, the 26 individuals are now restricted to Class D passenger licenses, as their previous credentials linked to the scandal have been invalidated.

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