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Semi truck bridge strike on I-76 leads to highway closure and delays

A semi truck's collision with the Dahlia Street bridge on I-76 in Commerce City prompts partial highway closure and ongoing assessments for structural damage.
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I-55 Mississippi River Bridge closes for vital deck repairs

I-55 Mississippi River Bridge to undergo two-week closure for construction, impacting travel between Memphis and Arkansas with suggested detours via I-40.
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Winter storm leads to major pileup on Interstate 70 in Missouri

Heavy snowfall in Warren County, Missouri leads to multi-vehicle pileups on I-70, closures and warnings from emergency services, and prolonged traffic delays.
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Semi truck rollover on I-95 prompts emergency response and traffic delays

A truck driver was airlifted to a trauma center after his semi, loaded with Coca-Cola products, overturned on I-95 in Miami, causing significant traffic delays and necessitating a major cleanup.
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Emergency landing on I-75 leads to fatal crash involving jet and vehicle

Twin-engine jet crashes into vehicle on Interstate 75 in Naples, Florida during an emergency landing, resulting in at least two fatalities and significant traffic disruptions.
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Florida truckers face new parking restrictions, igniting local tension

New parking restrictions imposed by Palm Beach County Commission leave Loxahatchee and The Acreage truckers without the option to park their semis at home, sparking local discontent and added complications for these essential service providers.
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Louisiana enforces I-20 detour with over 200 trucker citations

Louisiana State Police intensify enforcement, issuing over 200 warnings and citations to commercial truck drivers ignoring an I-20 construction detour in Bossier City.
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Icy road conditions turn treacherous as semi truck overturns in Houston

An overturned semi truck on Houston's I-10 caused a hazardous materials spill, complicating traffic and emergency responses during icy weather conditions.
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