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Icy road conditions turn treacherous as semi truck overturns in Houston

An overturned semi truck wreaked havoc on Houston's I-10 Katy Freeway during a bout of uncommonly cold weather, causing a hazardous materials spill and stymying first responders on January 15.

The big picture: The incident near FM 359 in Waller County highlighted the difficulties Texas infrastructure faces with icy conditions, prompting road closures and complicating traffic flow.

  • Efforts to upright the vehicle with heavy machinery ended up further damaging the truck, indicating a challenging recovery operation.
  • Authorities recommended 11th Street or Highway 90 as alternate routes for navigating around the impacted area.
  • Yes, but: Despite both sides of the freeway reopening a few hours after the crash, the area is expected to remain perilously cold with the danger of icy bridges and overpasses persisting into Wednesday.

    What they're saying: KHOU 11 traffic expert Jennifer Reyna advised drivers to remain cautious and seek alternative routes during the ongoing winter weather conditions.

    By the numbers: Houston isn't accustomed to such cold weather, with wind chills potentially hitting as low as 0°-10° through Tuesday morning, significantly raising the risks on the road.

    What's next: Local authorities and weather experts continue to monitor conditions closely, as another cold front is projected for the coming weekend. Residents are encouraged to stay informed and prepared.

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