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Palm Beach County to offer new truck parking facility after ban

A new paid parking lot for trucks is about to open in Palm Beach County, Florida, offering a solution to truckers after a local parking ban left many drivers scrambling for space.

The ban, which no longer allows truck parking in certain residential areas, was implemented after residents complained about the presence of large trucks. Truckers from the Acreage and Loxahatchee regions, in particular, were affected, as they can no longer park semi-tractors and big rigs on their own properties, a practice some have maintained for over 20 years.

Filling the gap: Enter Discount Truck Parking, who is finalizing a 6-acre facility at 7777 Southern Boulevard, capable of accommodating approximately 200 trucks. The lot will offer security around the clock, and include amenities like air-conditioned buildings with showers and office space, according to The Palm Beach Post.

  • Truckers currently have until July 1st to find new parking arrangements. This new lot could be open as soon as June, just in time to meet the deadline.
  • Pricing has not been set in stone, but will likely be influenced by local demand. In Orlando, the rate is $25 a day.
  • Potential long-term parking discounts could be available, especially for Acreage and Loxahatchee truckers impacted by the ban.

Local government officials support the initiative, with County commissioners seeking zoning changes to allow for more truck parking facilities in non-residential areas.

Vice Mayor Maria Marino stated, "Whatever we can do to promote truck parking in non-residential areas is a positive," emphasizing the need for quick action.

Additional parking solutions are on the horizon, with plans already underway for another lot off Okeechobee Boulevard and a potential temporary lot on Benoist Farms Road in West Palm Beach.

Despite the ban and pending challenges, Palm Beach County is poised to better address the critical shortage of truck parking spaces with these developments. Truckers can look forward to more secure and convenient parking options arriving this year.

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