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Truck narrowly averts major damage in Shenandoah jackknife crash

A semi-truck experienced a harrowing jackknife incident in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, during snowy conditions on January 19, resulting in a crash that nearly impacted an ambulance building.

The incident: The truck, belonging to AD Express Trucking and carrying an empty trailer, lost control and jackknifed on Route 924. In its descent, the vehicle hit multiple street fixtures before coming to a halt against the Shenandoah Community Ambulance building.

  • The collision caused damage to a pedestrian sign, a street light, and a flag pole, but the vehicle stopped just short of causing major damage to the building itself.
  • Thankfully, no injuries were reported from the incident.
  • Local police confirmed the truck was prohibited from using nearby I-81 due to the weather conditions that likely contributed to the accident.

For truckers: This serves as a stark reminder of the hazards winter weather presents and the importance of adhering to travel restrictions during such conditions, particularly with empty trailers.

The response: Emergency crews arrived promptly, and a towing service worked to safely remove the truck from the scene. The quick and professional response prevented further mishaps.

Cybersecurity risks in trucking: Experts warn of ELD vulnerabilities

A Colorado State University study exposes cybersecurity threats in the trucking industry through vulnerable Electronic Logging Devices that could risk vehicle control and data security.
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Atchafalaya Basin Bridge update ends split speed limits for trucks and cars

Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin Bridge implements a uniform 60 mph speed limit for all vehicles and sets right-lane-only rules for trucks to enhance road safety.
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FMCSA studies detention time's impact on trucker safety and efficiency

FMCSA initiates a study to understand the impact of shipping delays on truck driver safety and commercial vehicle operations, focusing on detention time and its effects on compliance, safety, and economic costs.
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