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Dash cam footage captures trucker's dangerous overtaking on highway

A semi truck driver made a risky move when he swerved into the oncoming traffic lane to bypass a line of semi trucks, and the whole scene was caught on dash cam on March 6.

Dangerous maneuver: To avoid hitting cars head-on, the trucker had to drive on the left shoulder until it ran out.

Once the shoulder disappeared and the oncoming cars had passed, the trucker shifted back into the wrong lane before returning to the correct side and pulling in front of the semis he wanted to overtake.

The outcome: The daring act was caught on video. The driver's license plate was noted, and he has been reported for his actions. It remains to be seen if any consequences will follow.

A viewer described the situation as requiring "a special kind of stupid," capturing how most would react to such a dangerous and inadvisable action on the highway.

The fortunate news is that this time around, the incident did not lead to any collisions or injuries.

Takes a special kind of stupid
byu/Nozerone inTruckers

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