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Dashcam shows ice from semi shatters windshield

A truck driver's dashcam footage from Kenosha/Racine, Wisconsin area captured a chilling incident on January 24, 2024, when a block of ice dislodged from a passing semi truck's trailer and violently smashed into the dashcam owner's windshield.

What happened: As the driver with the dashcam was overtaking another semi on the left, the ice missile hit with such force that it dislodged the camera, with the aftermath visible in a photo shared on Reddit.

**Be smart:** Although this event serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of winter driving, the real takeaway is the need for constant vigilance on the road.

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Why it matters: Incidents like this underscore the risks truckers face when sharing the road in cold, winter conditions where ice can accumulate on vehicles.

Stay safe: Drivers, especially in wintry areas, are reminded to check their rigs for ice and snow buildup that could pose hazards to others on the road.

The driver whose windshield was shattered by the ice missile was not reported injured, which is fortunate given the potential dangers of such incidents.

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