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Estes integrates electric semis into its fleet for California deliveries

Estes, the largest privately owned freight carrier in North America, electrifies its fleet by adding 12 Freightliner eCascadia electric semis for local deliveries in California.

The big picture: The move towards electric vehicles (EVs) is part of Estes' larger sustainability efforts, with the new EVs joining over 300 electric forklifts and two electric yard jockeys at their Banning, California terminal.

Key details: Each eCascadia semi can travel up to 230 miles on a single charge. This transition is aimed at reducing the company's carbon footprint and is embraced by drivers for the trucks' silent and smooth operation.

  • Estes' commitment to environmental sustainability is further amplified by their inclination to increase the number of EVs in their fleet, as future availability and infrastructure developments permit.
  • Why it matters: Shipping and logistics companies are increasingly turning to EVs, not just for environmental reasons, but also for the added benefit of improved driver experience and potential solutions to driver retention challenges.

  • Amidst a critical shortage of qualified operators, EVs may offer a more appealing and modern experience for new and existing drivers.
  • Catch-up: Estes joins a roster of companies, including Coca-Cola, Schneider, CarMax, and Frito-Lay, which have integrated Freightliner eCascadia trucks into their operations.

    What they're saying: "This EV initiative is just one more way that Estes is focusing on sustainability and the environment,” says Sara Graf, Estes vice president of sustainability, culture, and communications.

    The bottom line: This deployment signals growing enthusiasm for electrification in the shipping industry, with operational efficiency and ecological responsibility driving the switch to electric fleets.

    Falls Township considers 'trucker village' amid traffic surge from trade center

    Falls Township in Pennsylvania evaluates the creation of a 'trucker village' to support the increased truck traffic from the Keystone Trade Center, offering services like parking and repairs while addressing local infrastructure concerns.
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    Senator Cruz's bill aims to protect trade at US ports of entry

    Senator Ted Cruz's proposed bill aims to protect U.S. ports of entry from closures that disrupt truckers' ability to maintain crucial trade flows, backed by industry support amid economic and border security debates.
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    Oregon truckers sue state over disproportionate road taxes

    Oregon truckers file lawsuit against the state for disproportionate road taxes, highlighting an imbalance where they pay one-third of the motorist taxes despite being only 15% of vehicle population.
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