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Trucker fined for watching TV on phone while speeding

In Ontario, police caught a trucker speeding and watching "The FBI Files" on his phone. The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) in Thunder Bay spotted a truck traveling at 119 km/h in a 90 km/h zone on March 5.

But there's more: Besides speeding, the driver racked up several other charges:

  • No speed limiting system on the commercial truck.
  • Screen within sight while driving.
  • Driving over the 13-hour daily limit.
  • Log book mishaps.

OPP shared an image from the stop, showing the episode playing on the driver's phone.

Just the facts: Such distracted driving is not only risky for the driver but for everyone on the road. The charges laid reflect the seriousness of the violations and the threat they pose to road safety. And for truckers, staying focused on the road is a must to avoid legal trouble and ensure their own and others' safety.

Cybersecurity risks in trucking: Experts warn of ELD vulnerabilities

A Colorado State University study exposes cybersecurity threats in the trucking industry through vulnerable Electronic Logging Devices that could risk vehicle control and data security.
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Atchafalaya Basin Bridge update ends split speed limits for trucks and cars

Louisiana's Atchafalaya Basin Bridge implements a uniform 60 mph speed limit for all vehicles and sets right-lane-only rules for trucks to enhance road safety.
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FMCSA studies detention time's impact on trucker safety and efficiency

FMCSA initiates a study to understand the impact of shipping delays on truck driver safety and commercial vehicle operations, focusing on detention time and its effects on compliance, safety, and economic costs.
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