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New Volvo VNL series set to enhance trucker efficiency and comfort

Volvo Trucks North America has just unveiled a groundbreaking new Volvo VNL series, reshaping the future of the trucking industry with a design that’s centered on efficiency, safety, and driver satisfaction.

Driving change: This major overhaul of the Volvo VNL aims to offer significant fuel efficiency—up to 10% better—thanks to aerodynamic improvements and an updated D13 engine that touts improved performance and varying power options. To cater to the ever-changing market, the model is set to accommodate future tech, including battery-electric, fuel cell, and engines using renewable fuels.

  • What's different is a broad choice of cab configurations like day cabs and different sizes of sleepers to suit diverse needs.
  • For driver comfort, an optional air suspension system and features such as the Global Rear Air Suspension (GRAS) are being introduced to improve ride stability and reduce fatigue.
  • From a safety perspective, new active and passive systems, including Volvo Active Driver Assist Plus and a bonded windshield, boost the truck's safety credentials significantly.
  • Additionally, 24-volt electrical infrastructure is a first for North American trucks, setting the stage for potential fully-autonomous trucks.

Driver focus: The revamp also emphasizes driver environment by enhancing the interior design, and introducing quiet, efficient climate control and new amenities to mimic a ‘home away from home’ experience.

Volvo's commitment to drivers and the broader society takes shape through better connected services—integrating diagnostics, fuel economy reports, and uptime optimizations into an accessible Volvo Connect platform.

Production and support: The new VNL trucks will begin rolling out of Volvo's New River Valley plant in Dublin, Virginia, in the coming months. Volvo also ensures support for customers through dealer training on the VNL series' features and maintenance, highlighting the truck's capacity for future developments in clean energy and autonomous systems.

Falls Township considers 'trucker village' amid traffic surge from trade center

Falls Township in Pennsylvania evaluates the creation of a 'trucker village' to support the increased truck traffic from the Keystone Trade Center, offering services like parking and repairs while addressing local infrastructure concerns.
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Senator Cruz's bill aims to protect trade at US ports of entry

Senator Ted Cruz's proposed bill aims to protect U.S. ports of entry from closures that disrupt truckers' ability to maintain crucial trade flows, backed by industry support amid economic and border security debates.
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Oregon truckers sue state over disproportionate road taxes

Oregon truckers file lawsuit against the state for disproportionate road taxes, highlighting an imbalance where they pay one-third of the motorist taxes despite being only 15% of vehicle population.
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